Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pusha T Fear of God II Good Wood Play Cloths Collaboration

Pac Div - Posted (Official Video)

Shameless Season 2 Trailer

Now most of you have never heard of the show Shameless before but it's definitely worth watching. The Gallagher family dabbles in everything from smoking weed and stealing cars to constant belligerent drunkenness. Pretty much total ridiculousness.It's gonna be a very funny show indeed. Check it out this Winter on Showtime.

Puma x UNDFTD Nylon Ripstop Clydes

One of the latest PUMA x Undefeated Collabos is the Nylon Ripstop Clydes. The NRC’s design is inspired by the military by incorporating high quality Nylon Ripstop material into the classic PUMA Clyde. Ripstop was originally developed for parachutes during World War II to replace the expensive silk material used prior. Ripstop is a very durable material and is resistant to tearing and ripping. These will last you a long time, without a doubt.
It's almost impossible to re-invent a classic. However, PUMA x Undefeated have found a way to add a twist to a classic iconic shoe such as the the Clyde. This new collection manages to capture the clean lines and classic aesthetics of the shoe, while giving an updated appearance with cool fall colors. The shoes will be available at retailers across the country. For more information you can hit up or $65