Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nas performing LIVE at Belly Up Aspen, CO

Nas' photo Nas performing LIVE at Belly Up Aspen (Aspen, CO) - Monday, July 4th. Purchase Tiks HERE:

Nas on WhoSay

Join one of Queens, NY's finest on the Fourth of July @ Belly Up in Aspen, CO. This is going to be a great show!! We are sure he's going to rock all the classics including some of his new joints. Don't miss this dope show if you are a Nas fan.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dan Witz - What the %$#@? (WTF): San Francisco 2011

Dan Witz - What the %$#@? (WTF): San Francisco 2011 from Colin M Day on Vimeo.

The WTF exhibition is the creative genius of artist Dan Witz. The exhibit is part of the artist’s Dark Doings series and has been displayed inside galleries as well as on the streets. Dan Witz has been active as both a street and realist artist since the late 1970’s. Witz is known for his creative conceptual visual pranks and distinct unparalleled street art.

Amazing Acrylic Paintings by Korean Artist Kim Hyo-Suk

Korean artist Kim Hyo-Suk, created an amazing series of acrylic paintings entitled 'My Floating City'. The series was painted around 2009-2010. The most impressive thing about the series is the incredible detail of these paintings. Kim incorporates human figures with intricate architecture and virtual maze of abs  textures. These are not digitally enhanced pieces by any means. The entire series is hand painted acrylic and are all about 6x7 feet in size. Kim Hyo-Suk has created a truly amazing art series. Additional information about Kim Hyo-Suk can be found on Neolook, if you can read Korean. If not then check out the awesome pictures after the drop.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Krink x G-shock. "Spray Paint the Walls"

On April 8th, G-Shock & Krink celebrated their recent partnership with a unique exhibition of Craig Costello's work -- "Spray Paint the Walls"

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New: 2012 Mercedes M-Class (Video)

BMW 1-Series MPowered

Okay performance lovers fasten your seatbelts!! This is a commercial for the new BMW 1-Series with MPower performance. "M" is the performance division of the BMW brand. Known best for such legends  as the infamous M3 and M5. This time the BMW Performance division has set their sites on the 1-Series. They have turned this mild-mannered pocket size coupe into a beast! This vehicle shows some impressive performance based on this commercial. Well.... the commercial is AWESOME!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Nike 6.0: Just Do It – Artist Collection

Nike 6.0 has teamed up with artist Jonathan Gray, Brent Rollins, Ben Jones, and Michael Leon or a limited edition t-shirt/sneaker collection.  They have taken  the famous slogan, Just Do It and put their own interpretation on it in the form of black graphic tees and brightly colored custom sneakers.  The sneakers are available in green, purple, yellow and gray and the collection is available at select stores worldwide.  

Big Boi x Android Homme Sneaker

Jack Threads is launching a series of collabos for Bonnaroo.  On the list is a special mash up between Big Boi and Android Homme.  The mix up created features Android's signature high top sneaker the Propulsion Hi with Big Boi's artistic twist.  Inspired by Big Boi's "General Patton" track off the album Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty, these Hommes are made of different materials such as premium leather, suede and canvas. 

Nike Aina Chukka NW & Talache Low AC ND Pack

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word "Quickstrike"? Exactly, something that's going to be on the market for a limited time, and in limited numbers.  It isn't new for Nike to create Quickstrike sneakers as we all know.  They did it this time in package form featuring two clean pairs of kicks that will have everyone staring at your feet as soon as you step out the house. The heat for the streets comes to you by way of the Aina Chukka NW and the Talache Low AC ND. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Motorola Atrix Smartphone.

 We've all seen the commercials for the new Motorola Atrix.  This device is essentially the most powerful Android powered smartphone to be released to date.  For all the techies, it comes with goodies like a bigger battery (28% larger), the worlds first ever super clear 4" qHD touchscreen with fingerprint technology, a 5MP camera with dual flash, 720 Capture 1080 playback, HDMI, front facing webcam and the list goes on.

Louis Vuitton x Billie Achilleos Leather Animals

Louis Vuitton collaborates with artist Billie Achilleos to design pieces for the launch of their ‘Mon  Monogram’ service for small leather accessories. This collection of animal representations were made of all Louis Vuitton Leather accessories, is very creative to say the least. Each of the animals represented, highlights different design elements of the leather accessories. Using animals like the Armadillo, Chameleon, Grasshopper and Beaver to represent the different elements.

The Armadillo and Chameleon was used to highlight the different colors as well as the soft durable quality of the leather used in this collection. The Beaver represent the different accessories a man can use to organizehis busy life. While the Grasshopper utilizes all of the zippers and buttons available in the 'Mon Monogram' service. 

This video highlights the process of creating these piece but you can see the final products below.  Please check out Billie Achilleos blog and support great art/design. 

Random Axe "The Hex" Music Video

Random Axe is a group that has been brought together for this Album Project thanks to Duck Down Records. The group consists of Sean Price (Helltah Skeltah), Guilty Simpson and Black Milk! It's an unusually great combination. Check out the new video.

Onitsuka Tiger x Koi Klub: X-Caliber

Onitsuka first teamed up with the Berlin based Koi Klub eight years ago and this entry is the latest of the partnership.  As it goes, designer Yoske Nishiumi explained that the word "koi" has six different meanings in his native Japanese language.  He further went on to stating that in English, it means "on purpose" or "purposefully".  With this in mind for designing the X-Caliber, Yoske purposefully used materials and colors that didn't match.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Marc Jacobs x New Era Caps

 Marc Jacobs recently released a series of New Era 59Fifty fitteds at Marc Jacobs stores worldwide. There are only four styles of this super lux fitted cap. This collection is being offered in various shades of gray,  with black and white embroidery available. Clean and simple design just in time for the summer. You can pick one up for only $35 bucks. Okay that's a lot for a 59Fifty but it's also a Marc Jacobs. So go get it and be super cool at your next BBQ. Check out the collection after the drop.

MOCA x Levi's Trucker Jackets

At the occasion of the MOCA “Arts in the streets” LEVI’S has linked up the exhibition artists' to create these exclusive jeans jacket. This special design project features some of the greatest urban artists of our time. Great artists like Chaz Bojorquez, CRASH, KR, Neckface, Lady Pink, REVOK,  Shepard Fairey, Kenny Scharf  and Keith Haring. You can literally wear your favorite urban artist on your back. How awesome is that?! Check out some of the jackets featured in the collection after the drop.