Monday, March 7, 2011

Booqpad iPad2 Folio

 As talk of the yet to be released iPad2 is floating around in the tech world, designers have already come up with the perfect accessory for such. We have here the iPad agenda created by Booq.  It features an organizer/ notepad made of Nappa leather with a 50 sheet A5 pad attached to it. Available in different colors that meet your taste, you can sport your new iPad2 together with your legal pad as backup whether you use it for just your "to do" list or to have it just because you want to be with the in-crowd.  Either way, you can stay ahead of the game with your stylish agenda or you can fake like you are; but for just $50 who cares what you are doing, as long as you can multitask with either pen or pad in jotting, doodling or finding your appropriate 'app' for whatever the work day throws at you.  Check for availability and more pictures below.

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