Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nubuck adidas Campus 80s & Superstar Vintage

These are the Nubuck Campus 80s & Superstars which provide a fresh new look of two classic adidas silhouettes.  They look good right? This just proves the legacy of these shoes are unbreakable.  The Superstar Vintage has been covered in everything from suede to leather and even a  slew of reptile fabrics a few years back. However they still retain their classic look some how. The Campus 80 is a different story all together. Usually the Campus 80s look best in plain leather skins. Other attempts to update this classic have been in my opinion, less than successful. However there was the awesome House of Pain  Campus 80s that were simply amazing.  You can thank Campus connoisseur, Danny Boy of House of Pain for the design lesson. The waterproof idea was functional yet fashionable. The best of both worlds.

The chocolate coloured nubuck on these two classics have simply taken both silhouettes to a next level.  They have a clean yet rugged look to them. The darker colored nubuck will help hide some of the scratches and such synonymous with nubuck leather. You will just fine if get the nubuck leather care kit. These drop next month at dope retailers like Crooked  Tongues. Check out some detailed pictures below.

via CT