Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lazerwood Beats by Dre Wood Skins

There are not too many options when it comes to customizing your Beats By Dre headphones. Of course you can always get it flooded out with diamonds or crystals but that's not a realistic option now is it. Let's just say being on the Subway with diamond Beats by Dre headphones could have adverse effects on your health and safety. The good folks at Lazerwood have recently provided us with a better option that looks great and won't break the bank. Lazerwood's new "mods" for the Beats by Dre line are available in various real wood textures.  You can choose from Walnut, Cherry or even a natural unstained Cherry wood. They even offer a full custom program if you want to stand out even more. Lazerwood also has matching iPhone covers that are fully custom or just go all natural. Either way you can't be it for $35 bucks. Stop thinking about it and just go buy it already! Check out some of the collection after the drop.

Lazerwood for Beats Solo Headphones: Walnut

Lazerwood for Beats Solo Headphones: Cherry