Friday, June 10, 2011

Louis Vuitton x Billie Achilleos Leather Animals

Louis Vuitton collaborates with artist Billie Achilleos to design pieces for the launch of their ‘Mon  Monogram’ service for small leather accessories. This collection of animal representations were made of all Louis Vuitton Leather accessories, is very creative to say the least. Each of the animals represented, highlights different design elements of the leather accessories. Using animals like the Armadillo, Chameleon, Grasshopper and Beaver to represent the different elements.

The Armadillo and Chameleon was used to highlight the different colors as well as the soft durable quality of the leather used in this collection. The Beaver represent the different accessories a man can use to organizehis busy life. While the Grasshopper utilizes all of the zippers and buttons available in the 'Mon Monogram' service. 

This video highlights the process of creating these piece but you can see the final products below.  Please check out Billie Achilleos blog and support great art/design. 




Via Billie Achilleos