Friday, June 10, 2011

Motorola Atrix Smartphone.

 We've all seen the commercials for the new Motorola Atrix.  This device is essentially the most powerful Android powered smartphone to be released to date.  For all the techies, it comes with goodies like a bigger battery (28% larger), the worlds first ever super clear 4" qHD touchscreen with fingerprint technology, a 5MP camera with dual flash, 720 Capture 1080 playback, HDMI, front facing webcam and the list goes on.

  It's perfect for web browsing, games, movies for those on-the-go folks that can truly appreciate technology at their fingertips.  The Atrix also features a docking station, or Labdock, and it is the proverbial icing on the cake. A sleek ultra light laptop compter featuring an 11.6" screen full keyboard, 7 hour battery life, allows you to work, play, chat and everything in between.  The phone basically turns into a laptop! Now you can't tell me that ain't cool! Exclusively for collete, Emissar has made a canvas and leather military bag to house your phone and laptop while you're on the go.  Limited to only 10 copies, the package costs north of  $1400. Have a look below.