Monday, July 18, 2011

2011 Arden Range Rover AR7 Highlander

Tata's favorite tuner, Arden has yet again put their spin to the Ranger Rover Supercharged for this model year.  It comes in the form of the AR7 Highlander.  The company is known for tuning vehicles like Jaguar and Land Rover for years, and this year's model would not go untouched.  Upgraded from the previous AR7 is a significant bump in performance and an addition of the "Highlander" badge.

It boasts 520HP and 701 Nm of torque which propels this heavy weight to 60 in 6.5s and keeps the top speed limited to 240km/h.  The power increase is a jump from the meager 480HP 650Nm torque power-plant of it's predecessor, not to mention the more plush, luxurious leather and wood interior with it comes with.  Check the pics out below.