Monday, July 11, 2011

Denham the Jeanmaker 1st Edition Select Denim

 Denham the Jeanmaker is a label known for and built on experimentation and cutting edge innovation. This company is the personal vision of Jason Denham, who has demonstrated his resolve to resist compromise. As Jason puts it, "The truth is in the details". And the Denham line is filled with cool details and are hand-made. Not something you hear often in the denim industry.

Denham is set to release a new collection of denim called 1st Edition Select to all its retailers this July. The 1st Edition Select is limited to about 150 pieces per model. Each pair is hand-made in Japan and is claimed to have taken about six months to construct. This collection is very rare and exclusive but super hot. There will not be a lot of people walking around in these jeans. No info on the price as of yet but you can expect a premium price for these super exclusive denim. Keep your eyes glued to everything Vegastar for more info and updated info on this Collection. A few detailed pictures can be found after the drop.