Friday, July 12, 2013

BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé

BMW has collaborated with Italian styling house Pininfarina, to create the outstanding Gran Lusso coupe. They decided to the complete unveiling at the 2013 Villa d’Este Concorso d’Eleganza in Italy. This V12-powered concept coupe is a unique styling exercise at best. We have seen this show before. Remember the BMW CS Concept back in 2007? The super full-sized four door coupe they claimed was going to be the flagship vehicle, but wisely backed down because of the financial crisis. BMW was not the only automotive company to effected by the financial crisis. A lot of great concepts got scraped because of the same reason. BMW has implemented a lot of the styling elements of the CS into modern BMW models still to this day. There is something a little different about this one though. Its not that radical of a concept vehicle. Most of the technology Incorporated into the design of the vehicle is currently available.   

The Gran Lusso is a 7-series sized coupe with all the BMW trademark styling ques. The forward-racked 'sharknose' front grille with the long bonnet as seen on the current 5-series & 7-series. This design element gives the vehicle a more aggressive stance. Which is what is so appealing about the design. This concept is further accentuated by design details such as 21" alloy wheels, large side scallops behind the side vent cut-out & strong yet subtle body lines perfectly curved into the vehicle.  This shows the direction BMW may be taking for possibly a new 8-series coupe. Which would easily be the best thing BMW could do. This design concept is clearly designed to compete with the new Mercedes S-class coupe, Bentley Continental GT & Maserati Gran Turismo.

Pininfarina has accentuated the exterior design with the pure elegant luxury of the interior. The Italian design house has complied specially hand selected material with unique color concepts & textures. With such fine materials as high-grade leather from the world-class Foglizzo leather factory & 48,000 year old Kauri wood paneling that grace the interior. The special color concept includes colors such as light shade Tobacco leather & black chrome highlight throughout the interior. Pininfarina offers a luxurious geometrical ergonomic design with all of the sporty characteristic of a Sport Touring vehicle.