Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Scrooser by Scrooser Manufactory

Introducing the new wave in urban transportation, The Scroorer. This is a super efficient & modern lifestyle city scooter with minimalistic design cues. Its based on the classic vintage scooter of yesteryear . Best described as a fun & nimble vehicle that aims to move urban riders more efficiently thru the city.  Scrooser is a mobility solution that does not require a license or a helmet. While this does not solve traffic congestion, it will get you around the city effortlessly. When riding in Eco mode, one battery charge will last an estimated 25 days in the urban environment.  I know you can see yourself cruising to the local Cafe on this awesome piece of moving art...... 

The Scroorer is perfect for any busy city but I can just see this thing rippin' down the Brooklyn streets. You can ride this thing standing up or sitting down. They plan on having a custom color program, among other cool stuff to make the experience as unique as possible. The Scroorer only goes about 15mph so you won't be blowing the doors off any cars but you will look cooler than that guy on the Vespa. And you will be saving the planet while doing it. Scrooser has just been nominated for an award @ the GreenTec Awards 2013, which honors pioneers who are committed to a more environmentally conscious future.The Scroorer is made from high grade Aluminium, so it only weighs in @ 61lbs!  This urban fighter is available in four PRIME style colors & 9.5" wide tires. This machine has a very aggressive yet smooth appearance. Perfect for the city. Now all of this uber sexiness comes with a heavy price tag. The Scroorer is estimated to cost about $4700. However the company is new so we are sure the price will come down soon. Just keep an eye out for these in a city near you.