Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Globe-Trotter Centenary Collection

If your a Jet Setter or just a well-traveled individual then you know your suitcase swagger can be an important part of your traveling experience. Some people just like to look good at all times even at the airport. This luggage set will definitely set you apart from the other who just have simply Samsonites and such.

British heritage luggage label, Globe-Trotter has been handcrafting suitcases since 1879. They are no stranger to quality hand-crafted goods. These hand-crafted cases have been carried by royalty and sapient travelers alike. These cases are designed to withstand the most rigorous use and meant to travel the distance. The luggage is made with exceptionally strong and lightweight Vulcan Fibre. Strong trendy luggage that will be sure worth handing down to generation after generation. Each suitcase is hand-made by a craftsman in England, with a superior standard of luxury and quality. The Globe-Trotter Centenary luggage collection is available exclusively in extremely limited quantities. Please shop globetrotter1897.com for authentic hand-crafted quality Globe-Trotter products. 

Blue with Black Trim

Black with Beige Trim

Bespoke Edition - Fully Custom

Bespoke Edition - Fully Custom