Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Whillas and Gunn Nullabor Rucksack.

Every man out here knows it takes great skill to walk the fine line that separates being fashion forward and straight up 'controversial'.  With life being hard in itself, we don't need anything else to make it even more complicated.  Here's a little something for the guys that accomplishes two things flawlessly without creating that controversy discussed earlier.  Whillas & Gunn have made this rucksack with pockets easily accessible via a 9" side zip that you can reach even with the reinforced, adjustable, padded straps on your shoulders.  Gaining access to the main inside compartment comes by way of unfastening two large leather straps, moving the flap over then undoing the drawstring that holds the mouth closed.  Simple, functional and stylish.  Something everyone would appreciate.  So, for all the real men out here chuck the embarrassing man-bags and go scoop you one of these  here for $170.