Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Sora Electric Motorcycle

 What's going on motor-tech heads?  We've covered some pretty cool stuff, but I think this takes the cake.  The perfectionists at Lito Green Motion have taken an already existing concept, and made it better. Sort of like re-inventing the wheel, the engineers have seamlessly meshed function, form, technology and practicality all in one package they call The Sora.  Looking at it you say, but it looks like an ordinary motorcycle, right? No folks, this isn't just another 2-wheel performance sport bike, this is a fully electronic motorcycle that produces 708 lb-ft capable of going 120 MPH with a 185 mile range.  That's not all it comes with though; the Sora comes with a lot of world's firsts for a motorcycle including CVT (continuous varying transmission), electric seat, touch screen GPS and keyless go!  Lito Green Motion is asking for $44k+, but considering that you can change riding position at the touch of a button and never have to gas up we think that's a lot of bang for your buck!  Take a look at more pictures below.