Friday, February 25, 2011

Molla Space Armed Notebooks

 Take a look at these brilliantly designed notebooks.  This is a prime example of not "judging a book by it's cover", literally! The lifestyle design gurus at Molla Space have come up with these three notebook covers that are both artistic and meaningful.  The point here is that the featured 3D symbols which are typically viewed as tools of destruction and violence can be made into something such that our thoughts can be conveyed creatively.  The designers didn't think it was enough to stop just there, the pages inside have taken on the general characteristics of the symbols that appear on the covers. Varying from a plaid pattern, to progressively larger spaced lines to simple blank pages found in the grenade, knife and revolver notebooks respectively, you can let your imagination take over as you doodle, make notes or simply write your 'To Do' list. Very affordable at $20 you can see why the patterned books are selling like hotcakes. Here are some more images for your viewing pleasure.

Revolver Cover

Knife Cover

Careful not to pull this pin!

Revolver Page 1

Knife page 1

Grenade Page 1