Friday, February 18, 2011

The new Porsche 918 RSR: Sneak Peak

The big news at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show is the Porsche 918 RSR, a hybrid supercar that takes design cues from predecessors like the 911, the 908, and of course the 918 Spyder. The reinforced carbon fiber body of the 918 RSR hides some interesting tricks behind its muscular aerodynamic curvature. Under the light weight carbon fiber hood, a 10,300 RPM direct injection 90Âș V8 provides the 918 RSR with a primary output of 563 horsepower. This 918 RSR Hybrid has the potential of a mind blowing 767 horsepower. Both of the front wheels contributes an additional 75 kW of electric power to the racer, resulting in a total accumulated 767 horsepower at peak operation. Check out the video of The Porsche 918 on the track below.

WHo said that Hybrids had to be slow? If electric motors are combined with conventional gas motor, it can be very fast. I think the future of hybrids will be exciting.