Sunday, February 20, 2011

Throwback Fashion: Recon x Jordan x Dr. Romanelli Clothing

By now we know that Recon which was located in Manhattan isn't around anymore. Either way, looking back in the crates we've dug up one of the illest collaborations ever to hit the fashion industry. Back in 2006, Dr. Romanelli teamed up with Recon to create an ultra rare edition of DR's Jordan Reconstruct jacket in extremely limited numbers. Taking pieces from the earlier years of Jordan clothing (1-VI) and mating them with premium leathers, these hand made jackets were formed. They would go well with anything from the AJ I Chicago Bulls to the Infrared VI to the patent leather XI. Take your pick, they all fit. Everyone will agree that precision and beauty is the name of the game here with Dr. Romanelli.  View more of these pictures below.

Air Jordan I "Chicago Bulls"

Air Jordan VI Infrared

Air Jordan XI