Thursday, March 10, 2011

10.Deep Spring 2011 Collection

Spring is just around the corner. New York Brand 10.Deep recently sent out the first delivery of their new Spring 2011 Collection. The first delivery includes camos, pattern embroideries, plaid shirts, cardigans and much more coming later in the season. 10.Deep has developed a design style of their own that they call 'neu-vintage'. In this collection they explored bolder expressions of American patriotism, such as stars, stripes and flags incorporated into the designs.

The Spring Collection first delivery is available in-store and online where ever 10.Deep is sold. However you can go straight to the source and pick it up at the 10.Deep webshop. Some pictures of the first delivery are after the drop.

Camo Jacket

Coaches Rugby
Patriot Hood
Fleet-Footed Tee
El Capi-tan Hood

Bootle Cap Tee
Internationally Feared Tee
Rebel Youth Tee
Go Hard Tee
American 5 Panel Snapback
Rugged NW Flannel
Bailer Twill Buffalo Check Shirt