Tuesday, March 15, 2011

KAWS x Madsaki x Kazuki x CLOT Grey Alienegra Parka

This collaboration is includes of four different designers, KAWS, Madsaki, Kazuki and CLOT. The jacket features the Alienegra thorn pattern designed artist Madsaki, which has a 3D camouflage like look. CLOT has used this pattern for years. KAWS contributed his signature “X” design which are reflective.  The reflective "X"s add some well needed color to this dark parka. The "X"s are cleverly hidden in the Alienegra pattern. The parka also features unique designs elements like a camouflage mask, leather elbow patches on the sleeve.This special parka will only be available at select CLOT retailers like JUICE HK on Friday, March 18th. Jump on it because they won't last. Check out the detailed pics of design below.  

KAWS "X" reflective
Camo Face Mask
Parka Back
KAWS "X"s Hidden
Leather Elbow Patch