Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SALUTE THE DJ : Brooklyn Bodega

The Dj was once the main focus in Hip-Hop in the early days of its development. As the art form evolved, the DJ was pushed to the back literally and figuratively. However the importance of the DJ is still as relevant as ever. Many Hip-Hop artist's careers are proof of that. The return of the “Salute The DJ” event will remind you of why you fell in love with this entertaining and raw expression of art.

 “Salute The DJ” features some of the best DJs, while paying tribute to the three major DJ domains. First there is the Party DJ(s), who hypes the crowd with the latest records. Then there's the Turntablist(s), who showcase undeniable visual and technical expertise on the decks. And last but not least there's the Beat Digger(s), who connect the dots between the Soul, Funk and Jazz sounds at the root of Hip-Hop classics.

Brooklyn Bodega have once again teamed up with some legendary DJs to rock Brooklyn. Some performers include Maseo of De La Soul, Rich Medina and Total Eclipse of the X-ecutioners, along with many more special guests.

This event will be held at Southpaw in Brooklyn, NY  on WEDNESDAY, March 30th, 8pm- 2am

SALUTE THE DJ : Brooklyn Bodega