Friday, March 4, 2011

NEW: Common Projects Spring 2011 Footwear Collection

Since 2004 Common Projects been producing modern minimalist sneakers made with premium materials and construction methods. Common Projects just dropped its' new Spring 2011 Collection. The collection features some new silhouettes with an eclectic mix of high, mid and lo tops. Offering up a colorful palate including colors like Red, Green, Blue, Green and Tan. A little something for everyone, from the classic low-top sneaker done up in leather, to a plush suede Chukka. They also have a nice Dark Blue leather low top, as well as a . Each of the shoes in the Collection are embossed on the heel with a Gold numberical stamp. Available at Très Bien. Check the collection out!

Gold Stamp on Achilles Vintage Low

Red Desert Boot

'Cool" Grey Desert Boot

Rubber Sole Dress Shoe

Original Achilles Low Tan

Achilles Vintage Low Green / White

5 Hole Slip-on Off White