Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nike Air Foamposite One - Black/Electric Green

Nike is dropping yet another Foamposite One. This time with a black/electric green colorway, which is somewhat of the reverse the 'Electric Green' Foamposite Pro that came out a few months back. Nike used black for the upper and electric green trim. The 'ice' electric green outsole is the shine star on this hot new Foamposite One. The shoe also feature various electric green upper accents. Nike just dropped the Pewter Foamposite One and this one following shortly. The lackluster sales of the Foamposite One ‘Cough Drop’ could be a sign that Nike's Foamposite saturation is a little too much for the people. These are pretty hot though. Maybe one more wouldn't hurt. These are not officially out yet but you can get them early from :rmkstore and Marqueesole. More detailed pictures below.